USA: Tina Cardoso and Moises Rodrigues thank Cabo Verdean community for election in Brockton

Mindelo,  Nov 7 (Inforpress) – The two Cabo Verdeans, Tina Cardoso and Moises Rodrigues, who were elected local MP on Tuesday in the elections in the city of Brockton in the United States, are pleased with the support and votes from the Cabo Verdean community.

Moises Rodrigues, who in July was nominated for Mayor of Brockton in a special vote by the City Council following the death of former Mayor Bill Carpenter, won 9.133 votes in his favor. The Cabo Verdean will serve his fourth term since his first election in 2015. “I would like to thank the Cabo Verdean community for their unconditional support,” he said in an interview with Inforpress.

In addition to Moises Rodrigues, Nurse Tina Cardoso, 47, was elected with 5,461 votes. In addition to being her first election as councilor, Tina is the first Cabo Verdean woman to represent the community in that town’s assembly.

Cabo Verdean Jimmy Pereira was also running for Mayor of Brockton, but lost to his competitor Robert Sullivan who got 9.794 votes. Jimmy Pereira got 6-854 votes.



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