Uni-CV promotes event to celebrate 40th anniversary of public higher education in Cabo Verde

Praia, Jul 31 (Inforpress) – Uni-CV promotes today the event to commemorate the 40th anniversary of higher education in the country, with panel discussions on the role of universities in promoting sustainable development and social cohesion and learning catalyst education.

According to a publication on the University of Cabo Verde (Uni-CV) website, the event aims, above all, to highlight the first post-secondary education establishment in Cabo Verde, Secondary School Teacher Training Course (CFPES), established in 1979.

According to the document, in recent years there has been a reinforcement for the promotion of human development in its entirety, with emphasis on the scientific, technical, ethical, social, cultural and artistic dimensions, and having as paradigm the relentless pursuit of high standards of quality.

The event is scheduled for 3:00 pm at the auditorium of the Uni-CV School of Business and Governance in Praia.



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