“The human being must look back and see where he was the most beast possible” – Mário Lúcio

Praia, Dec 4 (Inforpress) – Singer, composer, artist and writer, Mário Lúcio Sousa, defended that the human being should look back and see what was his “peak of bestiality, where he was the most best”.

Mário Lúcio, former Cabo Verdean Minister of Culture, defended this position Tuesday in statements to the press, just before the presentation of his latest literary work “O Diabo foi meu Padeiro”, this Tuesday, in Praia.

In this work, between literary writing and historical research, Mário Lúcio helps to understand the tragic history of the Tarrafal Concentration Camp, where several generations of resistant Portuguese antifascists and African nationalists, including Cabo Verdeans, passed by.

Edited by Dom Quixote, Leya group, the work marks the 45th anniversary of the closing of the Tarrafal Concentration Camp, today transformed into the Resistance Museum.

“I felt, without any vanity, that I made my contribution, it was also an experience for me. It’s like taking a lot of history books and writing a synthesis book,” said Mário Lúcio, adding that this novel tells the story of the Tarrafal Concentration Camp from 1936 until 1974.

Still in his statements, the author acknowledged that there is a concern to preserve the building and the memory there.


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