Tarrafal: José dos Reis says 2023 was a “good” year and expects 2024 to be even better

Tarrafal, Jan 19 (Inforpress) – The mayor of Tarrafal de Santiago today made a positive assessment of the year 2023, considering it a “good” year, but with the prospect that 2024 will be even better.

José dos Reis was speaking to Inforpress, where he considered that the results achieved in 2023 were “satisfactory”, justifying that an “extraordinary effort” was made to do little with very little, and having achieved these results, he stressed that they set challenges for an increasingly better future.

According to the mayor, despite the “enormous and growing” challenges that marked the year 2023, the results of municipal governance are “quite positive”, considering that the municipality is undergoing a transformation and that it is “moving forward in its process of permanent construction, living through exhilarating moments in its history”.

He stressed that if an analysis is made of the municipality’s socio-economic situation, it will be clear that Tarrafal is a municipality that “inspires confidence”, pointing out that there is an increasing attraction of private investment, economic opportunities and the municipality’s openness to the world, which has made Tarrafal more and more deserving of investment from foreigners and emigrants who see Tarrafal as “a promising municipality with a future”.



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