Superior Council for National Defense appreciates themes of change for the Armed Forces

Praia, 20 Sep (Inforpress) – The National High Council for National Defense (CSDN) appreciated the prospects for improvements in the soldier conditions, the military status and the external security of terrorism in the world and in the subregion, said the President.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca, who chaired the sixth regular session of the CSDN, considered in statements to the press that the meeting was “fruitful”, referring to the council’s role in obtaining and exchanging information and reflections on topics that have to do with national defense, the Armed Forces, and the state of the country’s internal and external security.

Regarding the state of the Armed Forces (FA), Jorge Carlos Fonseca said that the information received provided an “interesting reflection” by the Chief of Staff, Major General Anildo Morais, who offered to those present in the meeting a “true” notion about the evolution of the FA regarding the improvement of the institution operating conditions.

The same, he said, happened with advanced equipment information, prospects for improving transportation and communications, improving soldier conditions, prospects for military status approval, and prospects for strengthening the citizen soldier program.



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