State of the Nation: PAICV says Government is a “big disappointment” – MpD points to “better country” and UCID sees “disjointed programs”

Praia Aug 1 (Inforpress) – The opposition leader said on Thursday that the government had been “a big disappointment” to Cabo Verdeans, while for the MpD the country is “better” and UCID considered that “disjointed programs” are being undertaken.

Speaking at the opening of the debate on the state of the nation, the president of the Cabo Verdean African Independence Party (PAICV, opposition party), Janira Hopffer Almada, said that the executive resorted to “massive marketing”, producing “misleading advertisements” to give the impression that it is doing “structuring things” when, in her view, what they are doing is “massive measures” taken “inconsistently”.

“Cabo Verdeans pay more for travel, they pay more for access to water, light, energy and gas. Cabo Verdeans know that they pay more for essential foodstuffs. Cabo Verdeans know that their salaries have not risen and they have lost purchasing power,” she said. He also pointed out that social inclusion is declining, indicating that in 2018 “about 13 percent (%) of Cabo Verdeans were affected by hunger.”

The PAICV leader also affirmed that the “great triumphs” of the current majority in the election campaigns were the promises of 7% economic growth and the creation of 45.000 “decent jobs”, but, according to her, after three years, the “reported average growth of 4.5% is not having an impact on Cabo Verdean life”. “Today, people are clearly feeling that if the country is growing at 5%, as the Government claims, this growth is concentrated in a small group of people, and the executive already knows,” she said, adding that “is why development is not having an impact on reducing unemployment and improving the quality of life of Cabo Verdeans.



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