Specialist highlights effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of stroke sequelae

Praia, Jul 18 (Inforpress) – Chinese expert Dong Guojuan on Wednesday in Praia highlighted the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine in tthe treatment of stroke sequelae, also known as thrombosis.

Dong Guojuan, who is in the city of Praia to provide training aimed at health care technicians namely physiotherapists, said that traditional medicine in particular acupuncture is the first choice for treatments of painful diseases.

“It is very effective for treating of stroke sequelae. That is why we have come to Cabo Verde to bring this medical science to Cabo Verde health professionals so they can apply these techniques and benefit local patients,” she said.

The training, as explained, is based on three techniques characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine, namely, maxogothion, suction cup therapy and massage therapy.



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