Slowness of justice system leads RIU group to demand more than  (six million escudos) 6 000 000 escudos from state of Cabo Verde

Praia, Nov 28 (Inforpress) – The RIU Hotels group on Tuesday demanded compensation totalling six million escudos from the Cape Verdean state due to a late decision to resolve a case that took nine years to resolve, resulting in heavy losses for the company.

This information was given at a press conference this afternoon in Praia by the RIU group’s lawyer, Manuel Pina, and the representative of Cabotel, the company that represents the Spanish hotel group RIU in Cabo Verde.

According to him, RIU is an international group that has invested in Cabo Verde and formalised its presence in the archipelago through a national company called Cabotel, which is the legal entity representing the group in Cabo Verde.

“This year Cabotel filed a lawsuit against the state asking for 6 million escudos in compensation for damages caused by the slow pace of Cape Verdean justice. There are currently other lawsuits that have already been condemned, but these are for much higher amounts, and there is a tendency for the state to be held more responsible in this context,” he explained.



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