São Vicente / Theater: “Master Igor” joins three companies from Mindelo in a comedy 

Mindelo, Mar 26 (Inforpress) – The play “Master Igor”, which will be presented on 29th and 30th of this month in Mindelo, joins the companies Craq’Otchod, Somá Cambá e Criarteatro in a comedy that promises “many laughs and suspense”, said actor Adilson Spínola.

Adilson Spínola, who is one of the characters, said to Inforpress that “Master Igor” is an adaptation made of the play “Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s Virtual Fiancé” written by theater author and Brazilian computer teacher Victor Martins Sant’Anna and, who has in São Vicente the co-production of the companies Criarteatro, Somá Cambá e Craq’Otchod.

“Since we in the Criarteatro e o Somá Cambá have been doing some projects in common, we have tried to combine the three different ways of working differently and also to promote friendship in the theater”, explained Spínola, for whom “March Month of Theater” in addition representing a way of showing the work done by the groups, should also promote the exchange.

Thus, according to the actor who wears the skin of Frankenstein, this comedy appeared for “the whole family”, with “many laughs and suspense”.



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