São Vicente: Sambódromo equated with evolution of Carnival whose budget “exceeds 100 million escudos”

Mindelo, Jan 17 (Inforpress) – LIGOG-SV is considering the possibility of building a sambadrome to monitor the evolution of the Mindelo Carnival, currently budgeted at “more than 100 million escudos”.

According to the president of the Independent League of Official Carnival Groups – São Vicente (LIGOC-SV), Marco Bento, the seven streets of the neighbourhood no longer keep up with the evolution of Carnival, which has been growing in dimension year after year, hence the importance of a sambadrome for the festivities.

“The way to sustain the São Vicente Carnival would be to migrate to the sambadrome, where everyone paid and the money from the revenue, in conjunction with sponsorship and public money, could perhaps be used for more”, considered Marco Bento in an interview to Inforpress.

From Marco Bento’s perspective, to further project the event, it is time to think about another Carnival financing model, with more people watching and the creation of better conditions.



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