São Vicente: Residents of Iraque consider themselves “abandoned” by municipal authorities

Mindelo, 15 Nov (Inforpress) – The residents of the spontaneous neighborhood created near the Municipal Waste of São Vicente, Iraq, say they are “abandoned” by the authorities who have only been looking for them during the electoral campaigns and then forget about their existence.

The outburst was made to Inforpress by the vice-president of the Iraque Community Association, Natália da Cruz, and for whom the neighborhood, in the Ribeira Julião area, should pay more attention when the number of inhabitants is growing visibly and, probably, It should have already reached around 80 families.

Natália da Cruz confirmed that the biggest problem in this spontaneous settlement, whose population makes a living from the municipal rubbish dump, is the lack of employment, especially when it is mostly made up of young people, who may even turn to crime for lack of something to eat.

“There are a lot of young people here without work and they miss 50 escudos, if they go to the rubbish dump and don’t get anything, they might even think about messing with other people’s things to get that 50 escudos,” she explained, guaranteeing that not everyone can have that attitude, but “desperation for a loaf of bread” can lead to it.



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