São Vicente: National Police sets an example and donates blood to maintain stock at the Hospital Baptista de Sousa

Mindelo, 24 Nov (Inforpress) – Members of the National Police (PN) in São Vicente decided today to donate blood at the Blood Bank at Hospital Baptista de Sousa, as a way of “setting an example and contributing” to the gesture for the safety of citizens.

As the head of Police Station, Odair Évora, explained to the press, the donation is part of the celebration program for the 153 years since the corporation was created and now, in stages, 35 elements must make the gesture of solidarity today and in the coming days.

“It’s a way for us to make a contribution to this noble cause. The message is clear because by coming here we are doing our part to guarantee people’s safety, because this is a form of security”, highlighted the police officer.

However, according to the same source, there are members of the PN who are active donors and the corporation itself always organises such campaigns, for example, around the time of its anniversary and also to mark International Blood Donation Day.



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