São Vicente: Ministry of the Sea tests equipment to help clean the archipelago’s bathing beaches

Mindelo, 09 Oct (Inforpress) – The Ministry of the Sea, in partnership with the Cabo Verde Shipyards (Cabnave), developed the “Eco Sieve” equipment intended to assist in the cleaning of bathing beaches, as it allows the extraction of waste clogged in the sand and flatten the beaches.

These are, as explained by the Ministry of the Sea, shovels for cleaning beaches produced at Cabnave, with perforated stainless steel sheet, which works as a filter to sift the collected sand and extract the coarser objects, i.e. rubbish.

As part of the actions leading up to Cabo Verde Ocean Week, which this year takes place between the 12th and 17th of November, in São Vicente, several partners from the Ministry of the Sea came together to clean the beaches of Laginha and Baia das Gatas, an initiative that worked as an operational test of the “Eco Sieve”.

According to the same source, this is equipment that is already “widely used” elsewhere, as an international “good practice” for cleaning and preserving bathing beaches, so the idea is to produce more units and make them available to associations, NGOs, companies and institutions that want to make their contribution to the preservation of beaches and the ocean, the blue “lung” of the earth.



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