São Vicente:  Mayor of Rotterdam urges Cabo Verdeans to be “active” in the Netherlands and to take part in decisions

Mindelo,  Jul 23 (Inforpress) – Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, visiting Mindelo, urged Cabo Verdeans to be “active” and “decisive” and to help make the “necessary decisions” to elevate Dutch city even more.

Ahmed Aboutaleb, who was welcomed by the Mayor of São Vicente, Augusto Neves, late Monday afternoon at the Noble Hall, began by thanking the gift received by the Cabo Verdean mayor and the key of the City of Mindelo, something he said he never received from other exchanged gifts.

He recalled, during his 20-minute speech, the importance of the port of Rotterdam, the largest port in the world and welcome in this Dutch city several Cabo Verdeans, more than 174 nationalities and it make him not only Mayor, but the UN secretary general of Rotterdam, he joked.

“Therefore, I invite Cabo Verdeans to be active in all fields, economy, sport, culture, without forgetting politics,” he said, adding that he especially like the Netherlands because there is meritocracy, which means that is having what you deserve. For this reason, he invites Cabo Verdeans in their cities to participate in politics and be “decisive” and help make the “necessary decisions” to “elevate” the city further. The Dutch ruler congratulates Cabo Verde for the level of democracy it maintains above many African countries and said to maintain and use it.



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