São Vicente: Farmers and breeders upset by stray dog attacks on livestock in Ribeira de Calhau

Mindelo, 30 Jan (Inforpress) – Farmers and animal breeders in the town of Ribeira de Calhau are irritated by attacks by stray dogs that have caused the death of animals, especially goats during pasture, causing losses to their owners.

António Fortes, a farmer and cattle breeder, explained to Inforpress that stray dogs are one of the main problems facing farmers in the region, largely due to people who take the animals to Ribeira do Calhau and abandon them to their fate.

“People from the city bring dogs they don’t want at home and abandon them here, and they start attacking the animals. Sometimes a shepherd goes out to the field with an animal and returns with three or four goats missing because the dogs always attack and kill one,” he explained

According to the same source, this is a “serious problem” that livestock breeders and farmers are unable to solve, taking into account that the animals hide under acacia trees that pose a danger to people due to their spines.



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