São Vicente: Consuming essential goods now costs 24,000 escudos a month per person – Adeco

Mindelo, Jan 26 (Inforpress) – The Association for Consumer Defense (Adeco) said today that the price of essential goods in São Vicente has risen by 11.1 % (percent) and now costs each consumer 24,305 escudos.

According to the report of the Essential Consumption Index (ICE) calculated monthly by Adeco, despite the increase in the minimum wage, the new year brought new increases to the pockets of Cape Verdean consumers because the prices of electricity and gas cylinders increased, but the house rent was the item that suffered the “most significant” impacts for consumers.

“A basket of essential goods on the island of São Vicente costs 2,424 escudos more than the previous month for a healthy consumer. The Food products covered by the ICE have also increased by 2.3%, 322 escudos more than last month. Even with the adjustments to national minimum wages, the impact is not significant,” the report reads

According to the same Adeco document, the deficit between basic expenses and public sector salaries is 34.2% and that of the private sector is 38.3%.



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