São Vicente: Brazilian actress says debut play on Mindelact has “something of magic”

Mindelo, Nov 11 (Inforpress) – Brazilian actress Gabriela Veiga, who debuts the play “Estão a arrebentar as águas” (The waters are breaking), this Monday at Mindelact, considered that presenting the play for the first time in the São Vicente Island has “something of magic ”.

Gabriela Veiga, in an exclusive interview with Inforpress, considered that the play “Estão a arrebentar as águas” is “very intimate, almost one hundred percent self-biographical”, which lies between theater and performance and “without a very dramatist classic line”.

“The play talks about how to deal with dividers when your life was going one way and going to another way. But, how to deal with beauty within vulnerability? ”, questions addressed in the show, premiering at the Mindelo International Theater Festival, with the text written by the actress herself.

“It’s a very imaginary show. One of the goals is to communicate with the viewer in a limbic way, part of the brain that is not cognitive,” she said, saying it was the play based on events such as the grandmother’s death and the birth of his godson / nephew on the same day of her grandmother birthday, which gave rise to the title “Estão a arrebentar as águas”.



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