São Vicente: Batik creative residency takes place at CNAD as part of Urdi 2023 programs

Mindelo, 08 Nov (Inforpress) – The National Center for Art, Crafts and Design (CNAD), in São Vicente, hosts, until December 3, the batik creative residency curated by Carlos Noronha, integrated into the National Art Fair Programs Crafts (Urdi) 2023.

According to a publication on the CNAD website, the creative residency is a project aimed at artistic creation, which aims to recover traditional knowledge and integrate it into contemporary artistic practice and action.

In this 8th edition of Urdi, he added, residents will develop conceptual projects with a strong artisanal batik component, thus contributing to the dissemination and revitalization of batik working techniques and also allowing the reuse and sustainability of the artisan’s work from an expanded perspective.

“Through the crossing between artisans, visual artists, designers and other creative actors, the sharing of materials, techniques and traditional skills, the aim is to obtain new proposals that encourage the unfolding of contemporary perspectives based on the traditional modus operandi”, highlights the CNAD.



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