São Nicolau: Science and Technology Week offers various activities for students and the general public

Tarrafal de São Nicolau, Nov 26 (Inforpress) – Pedro Corsino de Azevedo High School in Tarrafal promotes, from Monday to Saturday, the Science and Technology Week with visits to laboratories, exhibitions, lectures and various experimental activities for students and general public.

The annual event is held by disciplinary groups of Physical Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Earth and Life Science, Biology and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to enable the visualization, research and discussion of experiments from various science areas.

The coordinator of the discipline of Physics and Chemistry, Eidi Monteiro, explained to Inforpress that this initiative, which has already become a school “culture”, besides promoting science, allows students to broaden the scientific horizon as well as share unobserved experiences in the classroom, piquing their curiosity.

The activity started with an exhibition of materials, science, physics and chemistry equipment, electricity and robotics (with works produced by the students of the robotics course under the Weblab project). Topics such as “Responsible use of computer equipment and secure internet”, “Waste treatment” shape the content of the awareness raising lecture sessions will be given in the coming days.



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