São Nicolau: “Chiquinho” will be adapted to film next year – Minister of Culture

Tarrafal de São Nicolau, Jul 31 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Culture and Creative Industries, Abrãao Vicente, said today that Baltasar Lopes’s novel “Chiquinho” could be adapted to film next year in a production one hundred percent Cabo Verdean.

The minister of Culture and Creative Industries stated that he is “in the process of setting up a public notice to ensure that the production of the film is one hundred percent Cabo Verdean”.

As he explained, this is a way to give Cabo Verdean filmmakers the opportunity to produce scripts and present “the best project”, as happened with the movie “The Two Brothers”.

The director who wins the contest, according to Abrãao Vicente, will be able to count on part of the government funding and will have time to mobilize other resources to produce the film and thus, “maybe”, next year, the film may start to be shot.



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