São Miguel: IPC President highlights importance of finding in Flamengos chapel for “historical narrative”

Calheta, Nov 8 (Inforpress) – The president of the Institute of Cultural Heritage (IPC) said that the human bones found in the chapel of Immaculada Conceição in the Flamengos stream in São Miguel will allow to create an “extremely important” historical narrative.

Hamilton Fernandes was speaking to the press after visiting the archaeological excavations and the rehabilitation project of the chapel of Immaculada Conceição, accompanied by the Herménio Fernandes, whose rehabilitation works began with the excavations.

With the historical reference of this stream is from the 16th century, with the “odd architectural structure”, ie, dome-shaped, plus the other “odd context” of the same, which is burial, this person has no doubt that they are creating another historical narrative for cultural and religious tourism.

All this, in his opinion, will allow the increase of visitors, in fact, it is what is expected with such ongoing interventions. “With a properly structured space and a very strong historical narrative it is undoubtedly attractive to the community, to those who visit, but also to the researchers themselves,” he said, referring to the odd context of this burial chapel. About the bodies found, the president of the IPC said the discovery is under study and later identified.



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