Santo Antão: University of Porto experts analyze Ponte Canal for rehabilitation

Ribeira Grande, Aug 29 (Inforpress) – A technical team from the University of Porto, IPC and Cabo Verde Infrastructure technicians are conducting field studies with a view to preparing the Ponte Canal rehabilitation project in Ribeira Grande.

“Structural and geometric characterization, laboratory testing and dynamic bridge sampling” were some  actions taken during the two days of the mission, in this case “to understand the structural functioning of the bridge”, as told to Inforpress the University of Porto specialist, Esmeralda Poper.

According to engineer Esmeralda Poper, these studies are needed to assess the overall condition of the bridge before moving on to designing the infrastructure rehabilitation project.

Cabo Verde’s Infrastructure Representative, Henri Gomes, reinforces the explanation by saying that they are “also making a visual assessment of the situation to determine what the condition is and how it can be resolved and fixed”.



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