Santo Antão/Planalto Leste: Forest perimeter fires again five years later

Porto Novo, Jan 30 (Inforpress) – The perimeter of the Planalto Leste, in Santo Antão, once again saw a forest fire on Monday night, five years after the last fire in this forest reserve, the civil protection services said today.

The commander of the Porto Novo Volunteer Fire Brigade, Balbino Gomes, told Inforpress that the fire occurred at around 8pm in Esponjeiro/Lim (Ninho) de Corvo and thanks to the support of the residents “the flames were brought under control immediately”.

It was, therefore, “a small fire” that consumed a small area of the forest and whose origin is still unknown, said this official, highlighting the support that volunteer firefighters received from the population in controlling the flames when they broke out.

Planalto Leste hadn’t seen forest fires since 2018, when a large fire broke out in that perimeter, the largest so far recorded in Santo Antão, which consumed 200 hectares of forest and agricultural land.



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