Santo Antão: PAICV deputies ask the Government to speed up the start of road requalification works on the island

Porto Novo, Jan 8 (Inforpress) – The PAICV (opposition) members of parliament, elected by the Santo Antão constituency, today called on the government to speed up the start of rehabilitation work the roads of Ribeira Fria, Ribeira dos Bodes and Caibros.

At the end of a visit to the three municipalities of Santo Antão, parliamentarians from the African Party of the Independence of Cabo Verde warned about the situation of some localities on the island, where access remains “very difficult” due to the problem of bottlenecks, said deputy Rosa Rocha to the press.

These are the cases of the areas of Ribeira Fria, Ribeira dos Bodes (Porto Novo) and Caibros (Ribeira Grande), whose populations, said Rosa Rocha, are demanding that the “government speed up the process” with a view to starting work on requalifying the respective roads.

“In the case of Ribeira dos Bodes, Ribeira Fria and Caibros, the process is dragging on due to the electoral calendar. The tenders have still not been launched. That’s why we’ve been demanding that the government move forward with the process,” she emphasised, adding that the communities are also asking for “a swift response from the government”.



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