Santo Antão: MAA has a process ongoing to endow the island with the “master plan” on water management

Porto Novo, Jul 22 (Inforpress) – The Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) has already started the process to prepare the “master plan” on water management in Santo Antão, an island marked by “a lot of waste” of water resources.

The Minister of Agriculture and Environment, Gilberto Silva, explained that the “master plan”, already being drafted, through the National Water and Sanitation Agency (ANAS), will bring the whole strategy on the use and management of water in Santo Antão, where “there is a lot of waste” of this meager resource.

Gilberto Silva, who was in Santo Antão this week, where he was confronted with the problem of water loss in some streams in this island (a more worrisome case in Janela), he informed that farmers will be involved, listening to their ideas, that “long-term solutions to water management” in this island are identified.

For the holder of the Agriculture Ministry, Santo Antão needs, through a “consistent plan for intervention and improvement of water management”, to improve the irrigation system, betting more on the installation of drip irrigation, whose coverage rate is, still, “low”.



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