Santo Antão: Goat’s milk liquor may be next product of excellence from North Plateau – association

Porto Novo, Apr 4 (Inforpress) – Goat’s milk liquor, which is already being produced in the North Plateau (Santo Antão), may turn out to be another “product of excellence” from this locality, known for its famous cheese of goat’s milk.

Who admits it is the Association for the Defense of the Patrimony of Mértola (ADPM) in Portugal, which provided training in agri-food processing for a group of women from the North Plateau, which already produces liquor based on goat’s milk.

According to ADPM, which has been working in Santo Antão for almost two decades and one of the main community projects promoters in the North Plateau, thanks to the training, inserted in the “No Crê Água” project for this plateau, women already produce delicacies like liquor and sweet of goat’s milk.

More than three dozen women attended this action, which allowed the trainees to discover new ways of transforming, conserving and adding value to North Plateau products, known worldwide for the cheese of raw goat’s milk they produce, with a World Heritage of Taste seal.



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