Santo Antão: Emigrant in Luxembourg donates consumable capillary blood glucose control materials to the regional hospital

Ribeira Grande, Jan 2 (Inforpress) – Nathaly Gomes, an emigrant in Luxembourg, donated today a set of consumables materials for capillary blood glucose control to the Hospital Regional João Morais, Ribeira Grande, Santo Antão.

There are four machines and 8,200 strips and needles that will be used to monitor blood glucose levels, and according to Nathaly Gomes he wanted to donate them to people who have diabetes, not least because in his opinion many people forget that there are people who suffer as a result of the disease.

“For twelve months I collected these materials. I’ve always helped in São Vicente, but this year I wanted to help in Santo Antão. We had some delays with the donation due to customs, but I’m glad I was able to make this donation before I left,” he said.

Meanwhile, the director of the João Morais Regional Hospital, Nilton Sousa, was pleased with the donation, which according to him will provide “great support” in controlling people with diabetes mellitus and other pathologies.

“Donations of this kind are always welcome, and we thank you for this great help,” he emphasised.



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