Santo Antao: Alleviation of the effects of another bad agricultural year focuses attention of the City Halls in 2020 – Mayors

Porto Novo, Jan 9 (Inforpresss) – Santo Antão faces the third consecutive year of drought and, being an island of agricultural vocation, the “effort” of the City Halls, this year, will be channeled to reach the populations affected for another subsequent bad agricultural year.

Municipalities, according to Mayor Orlando Delgado, thanks to the partnership with the Government, have been able to carry out public job creation programs to help the hardest hit families, and for 2020, the third year of drought, “all the effort” will continue to be “channeled” to alleviate people’s difficulties.

For Orlando Delgado, over the past three years, “the efforts” of municipalities have in fact been directed to helping people” by creating jobs.

The municipalities of Santo Antão have been urging the Government to intensify the “partnership” with this island, given the drought situation it is experiencing at this time. The City Halls of this island advocate the continuity of emergency plans to help the most struggling populations, especially in the upper areas of Santo Antão, where the drought situation is most felt.



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