Santo Antão: “A dog a friend” Project predicts to castrate 300 dogs in four weeks in Paul

Porto Novo, Nov 12 (Inforpress) – The “A dog, a friend”, launched in March this year by the Friends of Paul Foundation in the Netherlands and the Maria Teresa Segredo Volunteer Network, plans to castrate over the next four weeks 300 dogs in the municipality of Paul.

To this end, a team of 12 veterinarians from the Netherlands is located in Santo Antão, which over the course of a month will castrate stray dogs in Paul’s county, the City Council of Paul said.

In March of this year, when the project was launched, a team of Dutch veterinarians were in Santo Antão, more precisely in Ponta do Sol, where a few dozen dogs were castrated in that city.

The project, “A dog, a friend”, which arise from the initiative of a group of Dutch citizens, who, when visiting Santo Antão, found that there were many dogs in a “situation of abandonment”, is also, besides castration, creating a kennel on this island that will be “kind of a home” for stray dogs, according to the Friends of Paul Foundation in the Netherlands.



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