Santiago Norte: Municipal Incubator of Santa Cruz is a ” machine for job employment ” – Olavo Correia

Pedra Badejo, 30 Nov (Inforpress) – The vice prime minister said this Thursday that the Santa Cruz Municipal Incubator, inaugurated today, in Achada Fátima, is a “machine for creating jobs” and that it is “worth more than what roads, ports and airports in Cabo Verde”.

Olavo Correia, who was speaking at the inauguration of this business incubator called “Agrotour Business Incubation”, in a ceremony co-chaired by the local mayor, Carlos Silva, welcomed the opening of this space that will create jobs, income, promote entrepreneurship and self-employment for young people and women in this municipality in the interior of Santiago.

“Our focus as public managers are to create employments, therefore, this incubation center is a machine for creating employments, for promoting human dignity, for giving people the opportunity to live off the sweat of their efforts (…), declared the Minister of Finance.

According to him, taking into account that young people do not want to go through bureaucracy or pay for transport to go to public institutions, he advised the Mayor to invest in technological and digital services.



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