Santa Catarina: Bulimundo captivates young people and Tony Fika closes in big style and with the “full house” the May 13 Festival

Assomada, May 13 (Inforpress) – The Bulimundo group managed to captivate the young and Tony Fika took the audience of the May 13 Festival to the “madness”, having closed the show in style and “full house” around 8:00 AM today.

The only day of the event, which is part of the celebrations of the 18th anniversary of the Assomada elevation to the category of city, marked Monday, 13, initially scheduled to start at 11:00 PM, was delayed by more than one hour.

The festival, which took place at Rua de EMPA, started after midnight, to the sound of the local artists Banda Miguel Semedo and Silvino Tavares and also with a dance by BSB.

However, the outbreak of hostilities in itself occurred around 2:00AM, led by the Bulimundo group, which despite its 41-year career, was able to captivate and make people party vibrate, most of them young people.



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