Santa Catarina: Assomada receives extension of Internacional Festicoral Praia

Assomada, May 27 (Inforpress) – The city of Assomada, in the municipality of Santa Catarina (Santiago) receives this Monday, 27, an additional extension of the International Festicoral Praia, under the theme “Sing the Praia in Assomada”, already goes on its second edition.

Like the first edition of the festival, Assomada hosts for the second time the event, in an initiative of Orfeão da Praia, framed in honor of the 161 years of elevation of the municipality of Praia to a city.

The festival gathered in the country’s capital about 140 people, including choristers, instrumentalists, choreographers and conductors from Cabo Verde, Brazil, Portugal and Senegal.

The performance in Assomada is due at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, when they will take to the stage of the Pedestrian Zone, the Orfeão da Praia and the Biayenda Choir  from Dakar, Senegal.



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