Sal Island: Councillor says right to environmental safety is “undeniably a pillar” for children’s development

Espargos, Nov 20 (Inforpress) – The Councillor for Sanitation and Environment of the City Council of Sal, Francisco Correia, considered today that the right to environmental safety is “undeniably” a “pillar for the integral and healthy development” of children.

The mayor made these considerations at the opening of the children’s forum under the theme “The Convention on the Rights of the Child and Climate Action” as part of the celebrations of World Children’s Day and the 34th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CDC), marked by November 20th

“When we talk about environmental security we are talking about guaranteeing a healthy planet, clean air, drinking water and balanced ecosystems. These elements are essential for the physical, mental and emotional health of children, shaping their future and determining the legacy we will leave for every child around the world”, he added.

To this extent, according to the council responsible for the Environment, climate action is not only an ethical responsibility, but an imperative to protect children’s rights, remembering that they are not just spectators in this “global drama”, but potential agents of change.



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