RMP-CV reinforces work towards 40% with the delivery of the “Parity Law Arguments” to the women’s associations on the political parties

Praia, Jan 31 (Inforpress) – The  Parliamentary Women Network of Cabo Verde (RMP-CV) met Thursday with the women’s associations of political parties with seats in Parliament to deliver the Parity Law Arguments, a document with clear instructions on 40% parity.

The intention, according to the network’s president, Lúcia Passos, in a statement to Inforpress, is to provide women in political parties with instruments that allow them to follow up on the parity law passed in 2019.

This is because it is not enough to have the law, “it is necessary to enforce the law” and this, she argues, must start within the political parties, so she admits that the time is “now” at the congress and at the level of the political commission where everything is decided.

“Both the MpD and PAICV have only 30% women at the national political commission and, in this area, we need to make the increase to reach the parity threshold was established in the law and which is 40%,” he said.

According to Lúcia Passos, as vice-president of the party none of the party political have parity, so it is necessary to do an awareness campaign in this sense.



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