Ribeira Grande de Santiago: Former National Police Station will be transformed into a community library

Cidade Velha, Dec 16 (Inforpress) – The Ribeira Grande de Santiago Educational Cultural Association, in partnership with the Cimpor Cabo Verde company, is transforming the former National Police Station building in that municipality into a library to serve the community.

Speaking to Inforpress, the president of CERGI association, Eloi Semedo, explained that for several years the association had intended to develop this project, but for lack of space they did not make progress.

However, with the relocation of the police station to another place, they saw an opportunity and soon requested this space to the City Hall.

“They liked this project and gave this space. We are now working with Cimpor to remodel this space to create a CERGI community library where young people can access books, computers and the Internet,” this young man told Inforpress while the space was being painted.

After this remodeling and painting phase, Eloi Semedo informed that in a second phase they will collect and assemble the books to equip the library, which should be delivered to the community early next year.

For now, he said, they already have books donated by writer Pedro Silva and the Living Without Borders Association from Portugal and are in contact with Jean Piaget University of Cabo Verde and the Cultural Heritage Institute to donate more books.



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