Psychologist and therapist Lissa Teixeira highlights laughter as an effective alternative for people with depression and anxiety

Praia City, 18 Jan (Inforpress) – Psychologist and therapist Lissa Teixeira defended today that laughter combined with the practice of activities is an effective alternative for patients who present with mood swings caused by depression, anxiety, anguish or stress.

In a statement to Inforpress as part of International Laughter Day, which is celebrated annually on January 18th, the specialist stated that laughter is currently used as a therapeutic tool due to the varied benefits it brings to the patient’s physical and mental health.

“O riso é sempre bem-vindo em qualquer momento do dia ou fase da vida” sublinhou, reiterando que por não haver um limite diário, o riso se torna um instrumento fundamental para melhorar os relacionamentos sociais e conjugais.

Lissa Teixeira explained that laughter is capable of strengthening the immune system because the stress decreases and the body’s muscles end up relaxing, reinvigorating immune cells, stimulating the body to produce antibodies that help fight various diseases.



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