Prime Minister defends investment in education to reduce poverty and develop the African continent

Mindelo, 30 Jan (Inforpress) – The Prime Minister considered that in Africa, a continent with a young population, the urgency of reducing poverty and sustainable development requires strong and consistent responses over time in terms of education and professional qualifications.

Ulisses Correia e Silva defended this idea at the 3rd Italy-Africa Summit, on Monday in Rome (Italy), in a meeting that took place under the slogan of this panel, Professional Training and Cultural Promotion and which was attended by European leaders and Africans.

According to the head of Government, the professional qualification is “determining” for sustainable development. In his opinion, the high rate of access to education and attendance in the education system, from pre-school to university, is the best instrument to break the vicious cycle of poverty that is transmitted from parents to children and to create economic and social.

“Professional qualification creates opportunities for decent employment and entrepreneurship, especially for young people and for the objective of gender equality and equity. Broad-based education and professional qualifications increase the potential for economic growth and human development”, he stressed.



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