President of STJ draws attention to risk of civil liability for poor service to health users

Praia, Jan 18 (Infopress) – The president of the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) warned health professionals on Wednesday, 17, of the risk of civil liability for poor service to users and called for preventive action.

Benfeito Mosso Ramos, a guest of the Cape Verdean Doctors’ Association (OMC) at the evocative session for Doctors’ Day, which took place on Wednesday 17th, said that in view of a paradigm shift in the relationship between health establishments/professionals and users, there is a “greater willingness” on the part of users to assert their rights, which makes it “highly likely” that liability actions will arise or become more frequent in this area.

As he stressed, unlike what happened in the past, where certain professions, including doctors, enjoyed “unquestionable authority”, with democracy and particularly in the information society, with access to the Internet, it is now unrealistic to expect a such resignation from citizens.

“There are becoming more and more frequent cases of professionals being held responsible for their poor performance (…) Therefore, in Cabo Verde, we must also be mentally prepared for the eventuality that, in the exercise of our profession, we are faced with the imputation of errors, of negligence, which, violating the rights of others, could cause us to incur liability”, declared the magistrate.



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