Porto Novo: Livestock farmers insist on the creation of a credit line for the livestock sector

Porto Novo, Aug 21 (Inforpress) – The creation of a credit line for the livestock sector is one of the livestock farmers’ concerns in Porto Novo, Santo Antão, who say they face “serious difficulties” in saving their animals in these years of drought.

After two years of drought, the livestock farmers from Porto Novo, even with “some support” from the Government in terms of feed, under the drought mitigation program, are facing “serious difficulties” in saving their livestock, warned the livestock farmer Luís Delgado.

To move away from reliance on drought mitigation programs, livestock farmers, he said, would like the Government to create a “favorable credit” line that the class could use for, for example, the purchase of feed and water for its herd.

Also, for the Porto Novo Livestock Farmers Association, the creation of a livestock credit line will be a wise move by the Government, as there are many livestock farmers who have “many difficulties” to purchase the feed, even with the bonus of 20 percent (%) from the Government.



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