Porto Novo: Delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture asks the Roads Institute to collaborate in recovering the dam

Porto Novo, Jan 15 (Inforpress) – The delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment in Porto Novo, Santo Antão, today confirmed contacts with the Institute of Roads with a view to recovering the Chã de Branquinho underground dam in the interior of this municipality.

Joel Barros told Inforpress that the delegation he heads has asked the Roads Institute to collaborate in the construction of an access track to the dam, so that work can begin on restoring this hydraulic infrastructure, which has been inoperable since the 2016 floods.

This person in charge proposed to the Roads Institute that it authorize the company that is building the access road to Chã de Branquinho to support the opening of a trail to the dam to enable the transport of equipment that will be used in its recovery.

The Farmers in Chã de Branquinho have been insisting on the recovery of the underground dam, which has been inactive for more than seven years due to “massive damage” suffered during the 2026 floods.



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