Porto Novo: 14.000 liters of grogue from Tarrafal de Monte Trigo are going to be exported to France until December – producer

Porto Novo, June 3 (Inforpress) – Fourteen thousand liters of grogue produced in Tarrafal de Monte Trigo, in Santo Antão, will be exported, still in the course of 2019, to France, where the product has been marketed for almost a year.

The export of grogue from Tarrafal de Monte Trigo to France is carried out by the “Music & Grogue” company, created precisely to conserve, promote and export the grogue produced in this valley of the countryside of the municipality of Porto Novo.

Simão Évora, a producer and company representative, added that the export of grogue and Tarrafal de Monte Trigo branded products will increase significantly in the course of this year, where the forecast is to export 14 thousand liters of the product to France.

The producer guarantees that the French market has reached “a higher quality grogue” that is winning the preference of consumers in that country.



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