Popular Party criticizes budget for the President of the Republic

Praia, Jun 10 (Inforpress) – The Popular Party (PP) criticized Sunday the budget for the operation of the President of the Republic of Cabo Verde, considering that it is higher than the budget destined to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of Portugal.

This was confirmed by the vice-president of the PP, Felisberto Semedo, during his fortnightly meeting, in which the party questioned the weak resources destined for the improvement of health care in Cabo Verde, mainly in the Agostinho Neto Hospital, while the President of the Republic of Cabo Verde has “a good budget”.

According to the leader of the PP, Jorge Carlos Fonseca “does not exercise its influence” in defense of better health, more jobs and better development in Cabo Verde because “he is not impartial and is part of the system”.

“It could only be possible if we had a more impartial, more independent President of the Republic. We have a President of the Republic who is the president of the system. So much so that he is creating a program “Less alcohol more life, while there is a waste of life in the vicinity of the Palace of the Presidency”, Felisberto Semedo said, citing as an example the consumption of alcohol by young people during the Gamboa festival.



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