Political Crisis in Bolivia: JPAI calls on Government to take action to calm Cabo Verdean parents and students in Bolivia

Praia, Nov 14 (November) – Youth leader of the Cabo Verdean African Independence Party (JPAI) called on the Government to take steps to calm parents and some 80 Cabo Verdean students living in Bolivia, where they are currently living in political crisis.

Fidel Cardoso, who made this request at a press conference to talk about the situation of Cabo Verdean students in Bolivia in the wake of the political crisis in that Latin American country, said no incident has yet occurred involving Cabo Verdean citizens, but “there is a lot of concern about this situation”.

“Unfortunately, we do not have a technical and diplomatic representation in Bolivia, which leads to a wave of concern, as this situation calls for some caution, not only from Cabo Verdean citizens, but we also understand that the Government must do some steps to follow up on this situation,” he said.

According to him, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have an official position to calm Cabo Verdean parents and students living in Bolivia, mostly in the department of Cochabamba. According to the JPAI leader, Cabo Verdean citizens in Bolivia are “a little distressed.”



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