Parliament / Transport Sector: PAICV accuses Government of lack of vision, MpD highlights gains and UCID calls for “more action and little talk”

Praia, Jan 9 (Inforpress) – PACIV accused the Government of lacking strategic vision to respond to demands in the maritime and air transport sectors, MpD highlighted visible gains, while UCID called for “more action” in improving sectors.

This year’s first parliamentary debate addresses the issue of the maritime and air transport sector, a proposal from the parliamentary workbench of the African Independence Party of Cabo Verde (PAICV), which called on Minister of Tourism and Transport, José Gonçalves, to respond on the measures that the present Government has taken to improve service delivery.

The PAICV, through MP João do Carmo, considered that the executive has not worked to build a regular transport system between the islands and to the islands, aiming to ensure the development of the country and allow the movement of people and goods.

For this MP, the Government has managed this “important sector” for the development of our country with “total intransparency”, placing it in the hands of foreign companies without contracts, relegating national companies to an inferiority plan.



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