Parliament: PAICV accuses Court of Auditors of colluding with government irregularities

Praia, Jan 11 (Inforpress) – The African Party of Independence of Cabo Verde (PAICV-opposition) today accused the Court of Auditors of collaborating with the irregularities and illegalities committed by the government in relation to the State Accounts of 2021.

During a political statement, the party’s general secretary, Julião Varela, said that the Court of Auditors had recently delivered its opinion on the state’s accounts to parliament, pointing out various irregularities, illegalities, errors and omissions, a lack of transparency, non-submission of accounts by public bodies, undue payments, tax injustice, as well as inconsistencies and inconsistencies in the data presented.

As he said, in the current situation, the Government can give money, lend, commit illegalities, make undue payments, in the face of the Court of Auditors which, instead of clarifying the questions raised, enters the political debate accusing the oppositions of being make noise which is very serious.

Julião Varela revealed that the information brought by his party is contained in the Court of Auditors’ opinion and that any Cape Verdean with internet access can access the institution’s page and prove the veracity of the document.



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