Operational plan “Summer 2019 in Safety” starts in Praia and in Maio with 300 personnel

Praia, July 9 (Inforpress) – The Operational Plan “Summer 2019 in Safety”, started by the Regional Command of South Santiago and Maio, started this Monday in the city of Praia and in Maio, mobilizing 300 personnel among sub-chief officers and National Police officers.

In a press conference, the commander of the Criminal Investigation Station, Roberto Lima, said that the plan runs until September 30, aims to ensure the safety of people and their assets and is based on the pillars of the fight against incivility, and repression of crime.

In the course of this plan, Roberto Lima said, are going to start several operations of raids and searches, mainly during the night and at weekends, focused on the inspection of places of nocturnal entertainment.

The focus, according to the commander, will be to control the hours of operation of the establishments, the presence of minors, noise pollution and also operations focused on road traffic control to control the legal and technical conditions of vehicles and consumption of alcohol by drivers.



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