North Santiago: PAICV says City Hall of Tarrafal is “without political and technical direction”

Tarrafal, Aug 7 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verde African Independence Party (PAICV) in North Santiago Region considered that the City Hall of Tarrafal is “without political and technical direction”, after two councilors leave the post.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the spokesman of the PAICV Political Commission of the North Santiago Region, Ronaldo Cardoso, said that in less than two months the City Hall had lost two councilors from the Planning, Urbanism area and Construction and Administration, Finance, Human Resources and Heritage, ‘key’ sectors of the municipality’s development.

According to this municipal MP, the Technical Office of the City Hall has no councilman and director and ‘they did not leave for good reason”, stating that “there is a permanent disagreement between them, especially in decision making”.

The PAICV leader (opposition party) warned that in the face of these situations, it seems that in the coming days the municipality of Tarrafal will have ‘more noise and abandonment of posts’ and challenged the mayor and his team to tell the Tarrafal residents what is the “real problem” of this abandonment.



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