Myopia and low sight are the major concern of eye health in Cabo Verde – specialist

Praia, Jul 10 (Inforpress) – Myopia continues to be a major concern in terms of eye health in Cabo Verde, along with allergies, conjunctivitis and low sight, told the coordinator of the National Eye Health Programme to Inforpress.

Isabel Tavares, a specialist in ophthalmology, spoke to Inforpress on the occasion of the World Sight Day celebration, which is observed Wednesday, and in this regard, alerted the Cabo Verdean population to the need to worry and give more “attention to eye care”.

According to the specialist, eye care has to be taught and implemented early to children, with periodic consultations so that nobody has surprises with diseases that can be avoidable.

However, she pointed out that data from the 2010 Census indicate the existence in the Country of 13.000 people with visual impairment, while screening for visual impairments in the framework of the Health Promoting Schools Programme diagnosed in the year 2012/2014, the existence of a significant number of children with vision problems.



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