Music: SOCA acknowledges difficulties in collecting copyright

Praia, Jan 10 (Inforpress) – SOCA has admitted difficulties in charging music users for copyright fees, despite dealing with this issue since 2010 “for lack of good regulation” of authority that could put an end to the situation .

The president of the Cabo Verdean Society of Authors (SOCA), Daniel “Dany” Spinola, told the press Thursday that he has been struggling with this issue since 2010 and has at the time submitted proposals for agreement to about 80 radios, public and private TV stations and nightclubs, as well as pubs  with no response.

He stressed that since 2015 now, he has systematically reinforced this attempt to charge copyright to compensate musicians and artists for the use of their work. “It has been difficult because it takes sensitivity and, fundamentally, some essential elements, such as good regulation that allows for more accessible and faster and more practical collection, and the authorities need to work and well,” said Dany Spinola.

In this regard, he added that SOCA is in the process of being on the verge of going to court, claiming that it had to bring legal proceedings to institutions such as Atlantic Music Expo (AME) and FestiJazz, through judicial proceedings, so that the musicians and authors are compensated for the use of their music during these events.



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