MPs disagree on the use of State vehicles and Government argues that should use proper instances

Praia, Nov 12 (Inforpress) – MPs disagree the “misuse” of State vehicles, while the Government says that anyone who has information about any irregularity should “go to competent authorities that the State pays every month.”

The theme of the discussion was given by MP Jose Maria Fernandes da Veiga, stating that a “determined Mayor” [Mayor of S. Miguel, Hermínio Fernandes] sends his children to school in state vehicles, making a daily journey “exceeding 100 kilometers”.

“When a Mayor buys a car… walks more than 100 kilometers a day to bring his children to school with our own resources, this is a matter of immorality,” said the MP, adding that such expenses “they must be immediately eliminated.” For Jose Maria Veiga, to find “normal” such a situation is “to take the Cabo Verdeans for stupid ones”.

He called for the courage to propose in the parliamentary house “effective measures” of expenditure restraint so that the country had “more resources for investments”, and the MP called for “strict restraint” of public spending.



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